Introducing Ethereplay by Valid Network

Kfir Nissan

From open-source developers to global enterprises, blockchain technology adoption is speeding up. As with every emerging technology, the tools to support its growth are often limited, expensive, or based on prior technology theories. And despite the importance of investigating on-chain smart contract transactions for vulnerabilities, errors, or to understand past transactions, the workflow has proven to be a difficult and time-consuming process that does not scale due to a lack of tools that automate this process.

After retrieving the source code of the smart contract, a developer would use a tracer to get the pre-state for the transaction, requiring an archive node. After creating a genesis block with that pre-state and fetching the transaction details, only then can debugging start with configuring Remix or another tool. After inserting the previously collected smart contract source code and verifying the data manually, the reviewer can then begin working through the code line by line to understand the actions.

Ethereplay by Valid Network completes all these tasks in a single click.

This free community tool is designed to visualize and annotate any mined transaction from the Ethereum main-net blockchain. Powered by Valid Network’s blockchain application security platform, Ethereplay by Valid Network is designed to help users analyze blockchain transactions, visualize any Ethereum transaction, and provide the tools and data necessary to optimize and secure smart contract code.  

To use Ethereplay by Valid Network, users simply paste a transaction hash in the search box and let the tool perform its analysis. The resulting output is a detailed report of the contract execution that occurred as part of the transaction. The visualization and breakdown of the variables and “if” conditions used in this transaction execution, as well as the actual state changes that occurred in this investigated transaction.

Ethereplay lets users visualize the actions of the transaction and what the actual values were. These details empower developers to understand how their transactions work and how Ethereum works internally. Users can also learn how other people's code works, investigate transactions, or verify past transaction results.

Ethereplay by Valid Network is based on our deep transaction analysis technology, which is part of Valid Network's coming platform suite of tools providing enterprise blockchain security. The underlying technology scans a transaction's behavior and enables great visibility into the internal calculations used to power the smart contract's behavior on the blockchain. Connected to the Ethereum main-net, the backend is constantly monitoring smart contracts’ code, state, and transactions.

Other tools for Ethereum, such as Etherscan, only provide high-level information about what a transaction did. While this is great for some cases, it doesn't let users deep dive into a transaction and understand the nature of the actions taken. Ethereplay provides an easy-to-understand view of the transaction in an easy to use but powerful package.

Valid Network is excited to provide Ethereplay to the Ethereum community of developers as a free tool, supporting the development and optimization of smart contracts with a security mindset.

Examine, analyze, optimize and secure your smart contracts with Ethereplay by Valid Network.

About Valid Network  

Valid Network’s blockchain security platform provides complete life cycle security for enterprise blockchains from initial development to active deployment and management. Based in Be'er Sheva, Israel, the company’s solutions enable enterprises to innovate with blockchain faster, providing complete visibility and control over their distributed applications and smart contract governance, compliance, and security posture through advanced platform capabilities.

Secure the block with Valid Network.

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