Build the Future of Crypto and Blockchain Security

At Valid Network we love what we do and the people we do it with. We are happy and proud to be at the forefront of technology in Israel, a leading startup capital of the world. Our team is filled with security and crypto talent from around the world.  Join us in our mission to Deriskify Crypto and Blockchain and build a safer ecosystem for all.  

At Valid Network, each of us brings a unique perspective and new ideas to advance our mission. We cultivate an environment where people can grow, be challenged, and learn every day, as they work to make a real impact on the brave new world of crypto trading.

Our Values

Want to know whether you’d fit in? The first check is to see whether you also share our values.


We think big. We’re certain of our long-term success. We stay positive and never lose sight of the end goal. Crypto is going to change the world, and security will make it better. We remain focused on building the future of security and intelligence for Blockchain and Crypto.


Our goal is to protect people from risks and bad actors in the crypto space. We seek honest and open communication. We share progress, success, and failure openly. We give and seek feedback to improve, not to hurt. We strive to let everyone be heard.


We strive for maximal impact. We do things that matter and act according to priorities to avoid wasting time. When we say we will do something, we do it. If we need help, we are not afraid to ask for it. We get things done. We also have fun to keep our energy high.


If we do something, we do it well, at top quality. We deliver on time. We keep promises. We manage expectations, also for what we will not do. We pay attention to details. We sometimes compromise, but only intentionally, after considering the trade-offs. We are not perfect, but we are always improving.


We are not fixated; we move with the times. We are always learning new things through reading, researching, and listening to others. We watch out for trends and make the best of them for our business and our wellbeing.

Looking for your next career move?

Here are the current job openings at Valid Network:

Can’t find a job that suits you and still want it? We’re always happy to get resumes of talented people with a passion for crypto and security – email us your CV and cover letter, explaining why we should meet!

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