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Our on-chain data enables us to deliver an unbiased, objective view of real-time market activity. From executing day-to-day trades, to building long-term investments strategies, all your decisions can now be driven by the most important data there is - reality.

+5 Millions

Entities Monitored

Explore the most granular data available today in the market.

+1.7 Trillions

Data Points

Use the same data sets that are powering the world’s largest and most successful Institutional investors, Exchanges and Banks.



Cyber intelligence that is based on decades of cybersecurity expertise

Our mission is to build trust in Web3

Valid Network monitors thousands of Blockchain networks, digital assets, NFTs, vaults, wallets, and exchanges. We add hundreds of new projects to our data lake and drive immediate and predictive insight for the benefit of our customers and partners.

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whether you are an investor, quant or security analyst, we got your back.

Market Manipulation

Look at the market with our all the noise, putting away, market makers and any superficial contributors.

Counter-party Risk

Evolve your Web3 addresses risk management capabilities to scale your operations.

Copy top investors

Follow the moves of other investors that fit your risk strategy.and benefit from the power of transparancy.

Zoom in on any Address

Gain an immediate view of any address rating to enable fast, risk-based decision making.

Community Genetic

Know and understand the strength of your community by the participating addresses and their ratings.


Investments opportunities, arbitrage opportunities, and the right metrics at the right time to avoid losses

Real-time Monitoring

Validating smart contracts and transactions, providing full coverage for addresses and their entire eco-system.

Incident Response

Evolve your Web3 incident response capabilities to scale your operations.

Add On-chain to Off-chain

Complement AML and KYC process with granulated on-chain data to avoid been tricked.

Policy Engine

A powerful policy engine that allows you code-level granularity and enforcement.

Digital Forensics

In-depth root cause discovery will help you to understand a possible impact on your organization.

Web3 Cyber Insurance

Access to real-time data and analytics that makes cyber insurance assessment possible.


Generate Alpha & Hedge against losses with Valid Insights secret sauce

Enrich your investments strategies and decision making process by leveraging cybersecurity and advanced financial models through the Valid Insights API

Crypto, Defi, and Web3 Security Indicators

The Valid Network API suite includes a wide range of proprietary security-oriented indicators that can enrich any decision making process.

Processed Depth Data Capabilities

Access processed security insights or dive as deep as you want into on-chain data with a wide range of available APIs that will fit your needs.

Real Time Data

All data and insights are updated in real-time and enriched by runtime detectors and multiple other data sources.

Easy to Integrate

Integration with the API suite is easy, simple and quick.

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••••••• "score": 4,
••••••• "security": 3,
••••••• "market_presence": 4,
••••••• "social": 4,
••••••• "governance": 3,
 "score_version": "0.0.1"


$ curl -X POST --header "X-Auth-Token: AUTH_TOKEN" --header
"Content-Type: application/json"
"https://api.valid.network/v1/scores/validScore/" -d '{"network": "eth",
"address": "0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca"}' | python
-m json.tool

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Get the latest announcements and content on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain security and intelligence:

Gartner Recognizes Valid Network as a Blockchain Disruptor
Gartner Recognizes Valid Network as a Blockchain Disruptor

In their latest report Gartner highlighted Valid Network for their award-winning technology that is helping individual investors, hedge funds, and institutions stay protected while on chain.

Gartner Recommends Valid Network for Blockchain and Smart Contract Monitoring and Security.
Gartner Recommends Valid Network for Blockchain and Smart Contract Monitoring and Security.

We are proud to be highlighted once again by Gartner for our capabilities to guide investors and hedge funds in their digital asset's investment decisions.

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