Securing the Future of Blockchain

Valid Network sets the next generation security standard for the Blockchain and Crypto world, preventing threats in advance, faster, at scale, and with higher accuracy than any other platform.

Valid Network's

Blockchain Security Suite

More Capabilities. Autonomous Security

Our Blockchain security suite is composed of various modules, which are applicable to both private Blockchains and public Blockchains. Valid Network’s technology can identify and prevent various risks and threats.

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Delivering Elite Blockchain Security at Record Speed

Valid Network monitors any Blockchain network, private or public, across a variety of supported technologies and protocols (e.g., Ethereum, Quorum, Tron, Binance Smart Chain, Hyperledger Fabric, and more), as well as Smart Contracts developed in a variety of programming languages (Solidity, Typescript, JavaScript, and more), and provides predictive and real-time security alerts for mitigation.

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Decentralized Application Risk Management

Valid Network’s software tool utilizes recognizable industry standards and best practices to calculate risk at each step of your decentralized application life cycle. This includes a quantitative analysis of Probability, Consequence, and Vulnerability.

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Blockchain Security Development Tools

Proactively communicate notable risks and threats in your Smart Contracts to your development team and make your operations more secure. Audit your Smart Contracts automatically, so you can focus on building the future of Blockchain.

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Blockchain Forensics and Analytics tools

Stay a step ahead from attackers and detect suspicious activity with our analytics and data tools. Valid Network extends your visibility and actionability to attacker techniques and emerging crypto crime with our AI driven platform that detects suspicious actors and vulnerabilities within Blockchains while delivering to you relevant and real-time insights on credibility, risks, and opportunities.

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Benefits of Blockchain Security

Our unique security insights and analysis tools, implementing our expertise in cybersecurity and Blockchain, ensures better security for your organization, project, and operations.

Avoid Costly Errors with Powerful Mitigation Tools

Finding vulnerabilities early prevents malicious attacks that would compromise your blockchain project and damage the credibility and trust in your network. Let your developer team mitigate vulnerabilities with proprietary engines that highlight the in-code findings and support automatic proposed fixes, using advance AI algorithms.

Risk Management

Our award-winning software calculates risk at each step of your decentralized application life cycle. Remove risky factors from your code and manage remaining risk effectively.

Detect Anomalies and Eliminate Threats

We detect and alert of suspicious on-chain behaviors in real-time. Our forensics and investigation engines give you attack context, application-wide visibility, and impact analysis, so you’ll have everything you need to rapidly detect, investigate, and minimize the impact of attacks.

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