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An introduction to enterprise Blockchain landscape

Enterprise blockchains are starting to gain popularity in recent years. After the big hype around digital currencies has slowly subsided, the interest shifted to the technology that formed the basis for these currencies, the blockchain, and the possibilities it holds for organizations.

Decentralized Applications: The good, the bad, and why should enterprises care?

With the upsurge of blockchain, the emergence of dApps is already a steady trend. Now is the time for enterprises to pay more attention to what’s happening and how it affects them and their target audience.

Onboarding blockchain tech? Don’t miss these important facts

Key issues that enterprises must carefully consider and deal with when onboarding blockchain technology

Tornado.cash Decentralization applications Issues

Tornado.cash is a recently announced dApp on Ethereum that allows private transactions on the otherwise public Ethereum network. Private transactions have been a lot sought after feature on Ethereum, with many projects developing such features.

The Reentrancy Strikes Again — The Case of Lendf.Me

DeFi or decentralized finance is a growing sector in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space that defines an ecosystem of decentralized applications providing financial services with no governing authority.

Serverless Over Kubernetes - The Clean Way

Whenever you want to login into your social media account, say Twitter, you are expected to provide a secret passage – a password. The website checks if your password is correct and if it is, you are granted access. This mechanism works because Twitter assumes