Automated and Continuous Vulnerabilities Detection that works for you.

Enterprise-grade dApp security platform that utilizes both static and dynamic code analyses. We bring a whole new level of precision into your DDLC (dApp development life cycle). Supporting the most common programing languages with zero configuration.


Valid Network risk management software tool utilizes recognizable industry standards and best practices to calculate risk at each steps of your decentralized application life cycle. This includes a quantitative analysis of Probability, Consequence and Vulnerability. Recommendations are based on industry best practices and risk management principles.

Intergrate Seamlessly to Your Development Pipeline

We provide a native plugins for CI tools like Jenkins and more, to integrate security into any existing build and deployment process. You can create policies that give you back control over every CI job. Ensure that only code that passes your security requirements is signed and pushed to your release pipeline.

Powerful Mitigation Tools

Let your developer team mitigate vulnerabilities with proprietary engines that highlight the in-code findings and support automatic proposed fixes, using advance AI algorithms.