In Crypto Trading,
What You Don’t Know
Always Hurts You.


Cryptocurrencies are entering the big league of securities trade. Trading tokens, NFTs, and other digital assets is now an advanced marketplace, where information plays a vital role. However, unlike the stock markets, blockchain and crypto information is not readily available, and many risks lurk in hidden code.

Valid Data - Crypto Trading Insights

Valid Data gives you actionable insights in real-time about on-chain risks and opportunities, so you can trade with confidence.

Trading Insights

Clear Risk Level Index

Get a clear indication of the risk level associated with any cryptocurrency, token, NFT, or Smart Contract, based on Valid Network’s award-winning Blockchain cybersecurity technology

Real-Time Alerts

Real-time Actionable Alerts

Capitalize on real-time signals from crypto markets before others figure them out. Valid Data’s continuous on-chain monitoring gives you a range of actionable signals - anomaly trade movements, fraud alarms, contract policy changes, and more.

Cryptanalysis and Forensics

X-Ray Cryptanalysis & Trxn Forensics

Understand what happened. Don’t wait for others to analyze incidents, transactions, and trends. Get Valid Data’s superpowers to look deeper into the chain and understand everything immediately on your own.

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