Monitoring transactions across environments in real time

Runtime protection provides novel technology to secure decentralizes applications on supported DLT (Distributed ledger technologies). Valid Network is the only security tool you need to protect your dApps against vulnerabilities and active threat, using automated machine-learning  and proprietary algorithms.

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A new age of Decentralized Application security.

While traditional tools rely on static analysis that try to predict every possible code vulnerability that can effect execution, Valid Network helps you move to an explicit detection mode, in which static analysis is combined with dynamic analysis, a long-pursued security dream. The core characteristics of distributed ledger technologies and decentralized application behavior enable Valid Network to apply machine learning to combine the both in ways previously impossible.

Eliminate threats with intelligent, cutting-edge investigative analysis tools

Valid Network forensics and Investigation engines will give you attack context, application-wide visibility and impact analysis. So, you’ll have everything you need to rapidly detect, classify, investigate, and minimize the impact of attacks.

AI Powered Threats & Anomalies Detection

Valid Network detects untrusted behaviors in real-time, and ensures that transactions are trustful, preventing any anomalies to repeat, minimizing risk and enabling governance. You can monitor and control transactions activity in real time, based on custom policies and machine-learned behavioral profiles.