Zeeve and Valid Network Partner to Secure Enterprise Blockchain

San Francisco & Tel Aviv – May 26,2021

Zeeve and Valid Network announced today their partnership to combine the companies’ market-leading strengths in Enterprise Blockchain. The partnership adds Valid Network’s Blockchain security and intelligence capabilities to Zeeve’s automated Blockchain network management, to help Enterprises implement and scale their Blockchain operations.

The partnership aims to enable faster distributed application development and deployments, with built-in Blockchain security as an embedded layer, and help ignite true Blockchain industry transformations.

Enterprises and System Integrators can take advantage on the Zeeve-Valid joint proposition to achieve faster time to market with enterprise grade Blockchain setup and configuration, automatic smart contract auditing, continuous network security monitoring, and useful data intelligence and insights capabilities for their Hyperledger, Ethereum, Quorum, Tron, or Corda Blockchain networks.  

“To fulfil the true promise of Blockchain, the tools and automations of tomorrow will be our eyes as we venture into a worldwide transformation. Blockchain has been the disruption of the decade, Enterprises needs complete automation and continues security on their Blockchain systems to become fearless about their initiatives into this technology. We are determined to offer 100% automated no-code platform for deployment, development, monitoring and security of these smart contracts and networks,” said Ghan Vashishtha, Co-founder & CTO of Zeeve Inc.

According to statistics, the global blockchain technology market size is expected to reach $3 trillion by 2030. The financial account sector has reported an increase of 60 percent over the market value of blockchain worldwide in 2021.

“There’s consensus that Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are NOT safe. Malicious hackers and human errors cost enterprises billions of dollars a year in fraudulent transactions and lost value, while existing cybersecurity tools cannot deal with Blockchain technology and its complexity.

Our vision at Valid Network is to deriskify Blockchain. Together with Zeeve, the latest addition to our global partners program, we enable innovative enterprises worldwide to take a meaningful step forward in benefiting from Blockchain technology while keeping it safe,” said Kfir Nissan, Co-founder and CEO of Valid Network.

The collaboration will offer following core capabilities:

  • Automatic smart contract auditing on supported Blockchain networks
  • Sandbox ready Blockchain environment for quick PoC and Pilots
  • Continuous risk and security monitoring at the network, application, and transaction level, and proactive vulnerability mitigation
  • Heterogenous cloud to facilitate deployment with active monitoring and analytics.
  • Security integrations with Hyperledger, Ethereum, and other Blockchain protocols.

Zeeve Inc., a US based corporation, offers an Enterprise Blockchain Automation platform that allows developers and organizations to develop, deploy and manage Blockchain applications and networks in an automated and reliable manner. Zeeve supports multiple Blockchain protocols over all top Cloud Providers including on-premises option. Zeeve brings not only cost and time advantage but also helps companies setup a reliable and secure Blockchain network with no expertise required.

Valid Network is an Israeli Blockchain cybersecurity and intelligence startup, headquartered in New York with offices in Israel. Valid Network protects enterprises expanding to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain ecosystem by offering a holistic, modular, and automatic software security platform for Blockchain. Valid Network’s security platform continuously monitors Blockchain networks and proactively mitigates vulnerabilities and risks in applications, smart contracts, and transactions through deep technology and predictive analysis, powered by cyber and artificial intelligence.

Zeeve and Valid Network’s shared vision for this partnership, based on their successful joint projects together, is to enable faster and safer adoption of Blockchain technology by innovative enterprises of all industries, for all use cases, to enable value creation, greater transparency, and more efficient operations.

For more information regarding Zeeve’s and Valid Network’s capabilities and offerings, visit:

Zeeve | Enterprise Blockchain Automation

Valid Network | Blockchain Security

Press Contacts:

Zeeve - media@zeeve.io

Valid Network - info@valid.network

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Zeeve and Valid Network Partner to Secure Enterprise Blockchain

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