Revault and Valid Network Partner to Secure the Future of DeFi

We are excited to announce our partnership with Revault Network to help them maximize the security of their network and provide users with the unique real-time insights that only Valid Data can provide.

Revault platform aims to become the Google search of Defi by introducing its users to the best performing vaults using their assets. Valid Network will work closely with Revault by adding our Valid Score widget to their platform, allowing users to quickly understand the risks associated with each vault before they decide to invest or trade in it. Our Valid Score widget takes into consideration many factors such as smart contract vulnerabilities, token governance, reputation and market presence when creating a unique score. The predictive nature of Valid Data allows investors to understand the risks and opportunities associated with their assets, helping users make an educated decision and maximize profits.  

Revault Co-Founder said: “Our planned integration with Valid Network’s Valid Score widget will empower Revault users, providing them with much-needed information about the protocols and assets they are about to invest in. We are certain that in the near future Valid Score will become the de-facto standard and “a must-have” tool required by every trader and investor in the blockchain space. Today, we celebrate the opportunity to collaborate with Valid Network from the get-go, being able to build our product with a strong emphasis on risk management along with our inherent capabilities of maximizing yields.”

Revault and Valid Network’s shared vision on security will enable faster and safer crypto adoption while creating greater transparency in the insecure world of DeFi. We look forward to disrupting the crypto ecosystem by providing the best security and trading tools.

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Revault and Valid Network Partner to Secure the Future of DeFi

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