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New Technology Requires New Solutions

New security requirements are a direct result of technology revolutions. Without a fitting solution, the revolution can’t be completed. Valid Network enables you to innovate with blockchain, faster and safer than you could ever imagine.

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Expose every vulnerability, block attacks, and much more.

We empower your organization to expose vulnerabilities, block attacks, and easily enforce compliance within and across consortium participants, giving your teams the visibility and control they need.

Why Valid Network
is different?

Holistic Protection

Single holistic platform for protecting the entire DevSecOps lifecycle

DLT & Blockchain Focused

First of its kind dApp security platform.

Leading vulnerability database

Proprietary, enriched, and first to publish vulnerability content.

Real-time Prevention & Forensics

Real-time intervention, blocking, and prevention for any transaction.

Integrating into your native environment

from code development to production

Code Management
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Our Stories

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The Reentrancy Strikes Again — The Case of Lendf.Me

DeFi or decentralized finance is a growing sector in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space that defines an ecosystem of decentralized applications providing financial services with no governing authority.

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