We’re defining Cybersecurity for the Decentralized Enterprise

Enterprise Security at the Speed of Business

Traditional cybersecurity doesn’t bridge the gap between technology and business, in fact it enlarges the gap by adding tools and technologies only adding confusion and lack of trust. Modern cybersecurity should simplify rather than complicate and enable business personnel to understand the technology that fuels their organization. Valid Network approach and technology breakthrough enables business personnel like internal auditors, legal counsels and any C level executives to understand and gain back their lost trust.

Valid Network addresses the most critical aspects of building trust and credibility.


Automating the entire process of auditing and making it a scalable continuous process.


Full-lifecycle vulnerability and compliance management to decentralized application tailored runtime defense.


Trust your decentralized business transactions by eliminating next generation of threats across the entire application lifecycle.

Decentralized by Design

Valid Network is the first ever purpose-built solution for Blockchain security. Instead of seeing blockchain and Smart Contracts as inherently less secure, Valid Network founders Kfir Nissan and Gilad Eisenberger are viewing the unique Distributed Ledger Technology coupled with the processes that accompany devops related practices as a unique opportunity to provide better, speedier security than ever before.

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