David Oz Kashi

David Oz Kashi

Research Lead
The Risks of Broken Access Control and the Blockchain

As blockchain applications are a form of web application, access control is still a common problem even for blockchain developers. But despite its common use, access control is difficult to implement and manage properly, easily leading to a misconfigured security control that leaves an enterprise’s data at risk.

The Risks of Injection Attacks on the Blockchain

Injection attacks are one of the most significant risks to any network-connected system. These attacks use malicious data to attack software systems and can be launched against the client-side of an application, but also against the server-side the database, and the smart contracts.

The Reentrancy Strikes Again — The Case of Lendf.Me

DeFi or decentralized finance is a growing sector in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space that defines an ecosystem of decentralized applications providing financial services with no governing authority.