Ethereplay — Much More Than a Blockchain Explorer

Hi Gilad, let's start from the start- What is Ethereplay?

Ethereplay is a new tool for exploring Ethereum transactions. It lets anyone view practically any Ethereum transaction, and deep dive into what it did.

How do I actually use it?

To use Ethereplay, simply paste a transaction hash for the transaction you want to see. You’ll get a detailed annotation of the contract execution that occurred as part of the transaction.

Sounds simple, but what do I get from Ethereplay?

Ethereplay lets you see everything the transaction did, why it did it, and what the actual values were. This lets developers understand better how their transaction works, and how Ethereum works internally. You can also learn how other people’s code works, investigate transactions, or verify your past transactions did what you expected them to.

I know there are other blockchain explorers out there,How is Ethereplay different from the other tools in the market?

Other tools for Ethereum, such as Etherscan, only provide superficial information about what a transaction did. While this is great for some cases, it doesn’t let you deep dive into a transaction and understand whatit did, and also why it did.
Debugging transactions with Remix is a complex process, and debugging can make it hard to view an entire process.
Ethereplay is ultra-simple to use and provides a good view of everything the transaction did. It’s quick and simple yet powerful.

cool! sounds really interesting, but how do you do it?What is the technology behind the tool?

Ethereplay is based on Valid Network’s deep transaction analysis technology, which is part of Valid Network’s suite of tools forEnterprise Blockchain Security. The underlying technology scans a transaction’s behavior and enables great visibility into the internal calculations used to power the Smart Contract’s behavior on the blockchain.

To learn more about’s technology, check out our new website, or schedule a demo with our sales team.

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Ethereplay — Much More Than a Blockchain Explorer

Ethereplay, the new open tool powered by Valid network is now out for your own use. we’ve grabbed Valid network’s CTO Gilad Eisenberger for a few questions to learn all about it.