Who We Are

Founded in 2018, Valid Network was the first company to develop a security platform for decentralized applications. Valid Network sees a world where decentralized business applications is fully secured, ready for use by every enterprise looking to walk forward to the future. Our goal is to change how international transactions are done, leveraging blockchain technology to build the fastest and most cost-effective way to secure transactions internationally. Our team of experts and cyber securities gurus, early adopters of blockchain, and tech fan, work together to balance experience and intelligence, with opportunity innovation and fun.

How It All Started

Valid Network was founded in 2018, as distributed ledger technologies were just emerging, recognizing that the dramatic change in decentralized application development and architecture requires an equally dramatic shift in security.

Meet the Team

Kfir Nissan
Founder & CEO
Gilad Eisenberger
Founder & CTO
Oded Israeli
Ira Briker Gorelik
HR Manager
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Board of Directors

Gadi Porat
Partner & Head of JVP Cyber Labs
Mark Hatfield
Founder & General Partner of Ten Eleven

Our Values

We keep our doors (and DMs) open. We want everybody on our team to have full visibility into what is happening with the company.

No organization can succeed when only a few people contribute to the direction and execution. We leverage all of the brilliance surrounding our platform, whether that's the voice of our customers, or the team members building the product. We strive to be a place to make your voice heard, and your impact felt.

Regardless of your role, enjoying what you do is critical. We're working every day to ensure each team member's voice is heard, and their interests and efforts are supported. In the end, you need to be having fun.

Join us

We're changing the landscape of global securities on blockhain. Come build the future with us.

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